Bridging the Gap Through Events

Ventureboyz | March 5, 2017

In the ever-growing age of social media, our world has experienced a greater disconnect among younger generations who generally avoid social interactions in favor of alternative digital platforms. Social connectivity and interpersonal communications among individuals is at an all time low, supplemented by an increasing rise in technological use and electronic connections. The relevance of LIVE local events has suffered as a result over the course of past decade; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t begin to utilize our technological resources going forward to create even greater personal connections with others than ever before.
The Ventureboyz aim to create a new world of connectivity through hyperlocal event searching in an effort to help achieve this goal. How does this work, you might ask? Good question. Here are three ways you can use the information at your fingertips to better connect with those around you:
1. VSPOTZ relies on digital media to compile as much relevant information as it can possibly find about real LIVE events going on in your area today.
When we say “your area,” we mean it. Forget searching for things to do out there in the endless abyss of the internet. The activities near you are all right here in a marketplace created by and through the wonderful world of digital media, with the intent of providing you instantaneous real LIVE event connectivity data.
We know you use digital media to get the most out of your time. But how efficient or effective is it when you’re trying to find out what’s going on locally? There are a million different websites on Google and just as many places promoting their individual events. That’s why we’ve done all of that internet research for you – so you can see what’s going on all the time, every time, any time. Find your friends, your favorite places and the most interesting events in your area quickly and efficiently. We’ll make sure you don’t miss anything so you can actually spend your time connecting out at a LIVE event, rather than online looking for one.
2. Hook into your favorite places for quick and easy searching and notifications.
Whether it’s through the website of your favorite place or event, or through VSPOTZ, take the time to follow your favorite place and/or event so that you can receive automatic notifications or calendar invites when activities become available.
Knowing is half the battle! We hear all the time how people wish they knew a when a particular place was having an event or where a particular event was taking place. There are quick an easy ways to lock yourself into your favorite stuff – if you can’t find it, just ask us and we’ll provide you with those tools.
3. Attend events that peak your interest.
This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s actually far from it. In our experience, many people view events they find appealing or show interest in an event only to shy away from it in the end. At VSPOTZ, we abide by Wayne Gretzky’s old adage “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” because we understand just how relevant that philosophy is when it comes to a LIVE event.
We can only give you the best possible event or place information and analytics available, but the rest is in your hands!! We can, however, provide you with these words of wisdom: Try your best and attend everything you think you might find interesting even though it may be outside of your comfort zone! There are so many incredible places and events and you never know who or what you might run into when you’re out there. Being connected to LIVE events is the best way to meet new people, find new hobbies and enjoy unbelievably wonderful experiences all around you happening each and every day.